General practice management software that provides the ideal solution within the cloud to electronically manage your diary as well as clinical notes, medical records, consultations and billing.

Watch a day with Alchemed

Productivity features that save you time and money.

Alchemed’s productivity enhancing tools as well as customisable workflows and digital forms save you time allowing you to focus more time on patients, enhancing clinical outcomes and revenue.

Try our efficiency calculator to see how much time you can save and how much additional revenue you can generate.

Use our sharing functionality to securely share information and instructions with other clinicians and patients.

Post consultation quality of life and outcomes questionnaires allow you to efficiently track patient progress. 

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How Alchemed general practice management software can streamline the workflow in your general practice.

Speciality Focussed

Leverage our general practice specific features including body part specific forms and questionnaire. Review some example forms.  

Scalability & Ease

Run multiple sites and rooms from one platform.


Use our customisable workflows and forms to efficiently collect only the information you need for your general practice.

All Access

Run your practice from the office or remotely on any device without additional IT support or costs. 

Time Saving

Productivity features save you hours each week to focus on patients.

Alchemed general practice management software – prior to patient treatment:

Capture Patient Info

Manage patient appointments via an interactive diary. General practice specific digital intake forms and customisable workflows ensure relevant patient information is accurately captured as well as avoid errors and duplications. Patient portal allows patient’s to update info as & when necessary. 

Validate patient & medical aid info.

Validation of medical aid membership for all dependents is performed electronically using our integration with iHealth, ensuring accurate and current details are imported automatically. 

Send patient legal forms.

 Pre-populated cyber compliant acceptance, T&Cs & Medical Questionnaire forms can be digitally sent & signed by patient prior to their appointment avoiding poor patient record keeping and reducing medico legal risk. Access all information via our advanced serach and reporting features.  

Secure and Efficient Sharing

Securely share relevant patient information and instructions with radiographers or other members of the diagnostic team. 


Multifactor authentication, data encryption and encrypted communication ensure our application and your data are secure.

Alchemed general practice management software – post-patient treatment:

Access digital patient file

 From the patient’s digital file, you can record clinical notes & diagnoses. 

Track Patients Progress

Automatic workflows that track patient recovery via health and quality of life questionnaires. Use specific body part specific post consultation questionnaires to track patient pain and recovery. Choose from Alchemed’s library of available forms.

Share with Teams

Securely share relevant patient information and instructions with physiotherapists or other members of the rehabilitation team. 


Create sick notes & e-prescriptions – Create sick notes & scripts that can be sent directly to the pharmacy. 


The system will propose treatments, consumables & medication using our integration with iHealth – you simply confirm them. Your selection is automatically converted to billing instructions that can be sent directly to medical aids, or saved to be sent later by the practice. 

Track & easily fix errors

 Easily track & fix & resubmit any claims sent in error. 

Invoice & Reconcile

Statements & invoices are generated & automatically sent, ensuring accurate & quick invoicing. Claims are automatically reconciled, saving you & your staff hours of precious time and helping to reduce unpaid accounts. 

Collect & Remind

Send email payment reminders to patients on outstanding amounts. Effortlessly accept digital & card payments from patients. 


We prioritize the security and privacy of our users’ medical information with a robust, multifaceted approach including multifactor authentication, data encryption at rest and our APIs run over HTTPS, providing an encrypted communication protocol to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the data in transit.

Alchemed general practice management software – managing the business:

Admin Task Management

Set tasks, reminders & notes functionality at patient account level and use our productivity tools to save you time.

Minimize manual paper processes & reduce paper based costs (scripts, sick note pads, patient folders) and reduce storage costs.

Business Insights

View comprehensive practice business insights reports & charts including clinical, end-of-day, month-end & other financial reports. Track & know how each staff member is performing with comprehensive staff performance reports. The Patient Agreement Manager dashboard highlights which patients have and those who have not signed your contracts prior to appointment. 


General practice management software created in conjunction with general practitioners –  Midlands Health worked with the Alchemed team to create the specific features required by general practitioners as well as the tools to allow general practitioners to seamless work with a multidisciplinary team to improve patient outcomes.

“Our practice was paper based and very inefficient, with staff spending up to 40% of their day directly interacting with a file.”

“Alchemed has reduced the burden of filing tremendously and note taking is now a breeze allowing the focus to be shifted more toward interaction with the patient and away from administration. Being able to access patient information on Alchemed remotely has streamlined patient care. I cannot justify going back to a paper-based system after this experience.”

Dr Dale Thomas, General Practitioner

Used extensively by our general practice partners in South Africa at Midlands Health