Great Service!

Our practice was paper based and very inefficient, with staff spending up to 40% of their day directly interacting with a file. Alchemed has reduced the burden of filing tremendously, and note taking is now a breeze allowing the focus to be shifted more toward interaction with the patient and away from administration. Being able to access patient information on Alchemed remotely has streamlined patient care. I cannot justify going back to a paper based system after this experience.

 – Dr Dale Thomas

General Practitioner, KZN


I have been using the Alchemed medical application system for 6 months and it has transformed what was long laborious clinical note time into a more interactive day. I am now able to complete the voice note taking in half the time. 

The convenience of the patient diary allows me to allocate the status on the menu to keep up-to-date with the daily patient capacity in ICU as well as updates on attachments such as referring doctor reports and written clinical notes each day as they are completed; thereby ensuring all daily notes are performed and attachments are uploaded.

I look forward to further additional platform applications to an already very user friendly and efficient system.

– Naomi Muir

Administrative Assistant, Practice Plus