The new Alchemed Web App can be run:

  1. In Browser: from any browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox… ) on any operating system (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux) on PC, Laptop, Phone or Tablet
  2. As PWA: As an “installed” Progressive Web App (PWA) from desktop/home screen
  3. Integrated extension to Windows Alchemed version

How to launch the Web App on a Windows desktop machine.

Go here. Enter you Alchemed License Key, Username and Password. To be remembered across browser sessions select the “Keep me logged in option”

To add to your desktop as an App launch in Chrome and then on the right in the address bar click the “install” option and allow the PWA to install to your desktop/home screen. Close the browser and launch from the newly created Alchemed shortcut.

How to launch the Web App on a mobile device.

Open this link in your devices browser, then share it to your home screen.

Windows Client Integrated Mode.

If you are using the Alchemed for Windows Client software you can also access Web App features in an “integrated” experience. To do this open Aclemed and then choose the “Help” – “Web App” menu. The web app will be opened within the Windows software. No logon will be required as it will pass the logged in Alchemed user through to the app.