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Alchemed’s sophisticated workflows and integrated systems are meticulously designed to optimize efficiency within your practice. According to our analysis of customer feedback, the average time saved exceeds three days per clinician and practice manager when utilizing the Alchemed system to its fullest potential. Based on these statistics, Alchemed guarantees a time-saving of more than one day per month per clinician and practice manager. This time saving allows additional consultations which conservatively can result in a revenue uplift of  a minimum of 5% for your business.

Alchemed Time Saver Calculator – Clinician


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Creating Patient

The patients electronic file is created & populated by the patient prior to the consultation negating the need for file creation on the day. Pre consultation specific medical questionnaires are also completed prior to the consultation allowing you to review these prior to the consultation.

Patient Practice Contract Sign and Scan

The patient digitally signs your contracts prior to the consultation saving time printing, transposing & filing contract data.

Adding X -Rays

X rays, Images & scans & photos can easily be uploaded to patient files prior to the consultation, improving the patient experience & saving from your camera phone or other data sources.

Adding Pathology reports

Pathology results are automatically loaded into the patient file without you needing to request them from the third party provider